Picture editing – a love story

Remove the Background

The Holstebro-based company Remove The Background describes their product using the animated tale of Bob the bicycle salesman and Felicia who sells clothes via the internet.

The internet is full of poorly edited pictures, probably because the world is full of people who are not terribly well acquainted with Photoshop. In Holstebro, the IT company Remove The Background offers an inventive solution: They act as middle men to fleet-fingered Vietnamese who can remove backgrounds and other superfluous content in pictures to be used in web stores and other places where one picture says more than a thousand words.

What's the best way of telling the story of such a technical and apparently narrow service? Remove The Background went to Tumblehead in Viborg and had them produce an animated informational film. Both parties agreed that drily stating the facts of the matter would not do the trick:

- We decided instead to go for a character-driven narrative with a simple story and a charming undertone, says Peter Smith of Tumblehead.

And so it was that Photoshop work in Hanoi was turned into a love story about Bob and Felicia who enjoy the services of Remove The Background and maybe find true love along the way …

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