Biochemistry – the game

Maternity Worldwide
A new smartphone app with animated instructions may potentially prevent thousands of deaths in childbirth.
Strory of Animation
Many companies are interested in communication using animation but do not really know where to start. Award winning "The Story of Animation" provides advice and guidance.
Morten Lund
Smartphones and tablets are full of animations. A Ph.D. thesis aims to investigate the consequences of animation for our ability to comprehend and operate new devices.
Innovation experiments are doing very well in the healthcare sector, not least because so much is at stake; both as regards our health, the economy, and our competitiveness. The telemedicine experiment Remote Rehabilitation Support includes an animated film explaining what will happen before, during, and after hip surgery. The aim is to ensure a better patient experience and better financials – and possibly arrive at a new way of thinking.
Still fra Aquaporin
A cleantech company from Copenhagen is able to clean polluted drinking water and convert urine to water. The explanation of the method is dense biochemistry. Using animation, however, the company has found a tool that may be used for both cooperation partners and students.
If the question is how to communicate complex information to many different target audiences, animation may well be the answer. Recycling company GENAN in cooperation with advertising agency Happy and animation company Tumblehead has created an animated film that manages to communicate complex information in a way that is both easy to understand and meaningful.
Teaching traffic
The aim of the "Teaching traffic" project is to develop an interactive driving school that prepares its students for real life challenges.
Raman, graf 1
When science is visualised using animation, abstract ideas become concrete – even to scientists.
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