The virtual driving school

Teaching traffic

The aim of the "Teaching traffic" project is to develop an interactive driving school that prepares its students for real life challenges.

Every city has one; some cities have many: those huge and completely baffling intersections where three-lane roads meet in a jumble of red arrows, half-erased turn lanes, absent-minded pedestrians and stressed-out drivers. It's a tall order for inexperienced student drivers but a little mental preparation makes a huge difference.

That, at any rate, is the philosophy behind the "Teaching traffic" project in which video recordings of particularly complex traffic situations in the student drivers' own city are supplemented by instructional 3D animation. The goal is to create an interactive learning tool that will reduce the need for driving lessons and hopefully also the number of accidents in those huge, baffling intersections.

The driving school Driverz provides the professional expertise for the "Teaching traffic" project while Figuramus deliver 3D graphics and Metopia Film produce live film. The project manager is Claus Toksvig of the Animation Hub. The project runs throughout 2011.

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