Biochemistry – the game


The Animated Teaching Programme for biochemistry is glycolysis made easy.

If you want to become a doctor, dentist, biologist, veterinarian or nurse, you need to study biochemistry. Unfortunately, the study of chemical reactions in living organisms requires a good deal of learning by heart, and this is where enters the picture.

The Animated Teaching Programme for biochemistry is an interactive animated learning programme allowing students to develop and test their knowledge of biochemical reactions. The programme is divided into a Learning part guiding the user through the mysteries of glycolysis, and a timed Challenge part in which the user must start reactions. It only remains to start revising.

The learning programme is currently being tested by students all over the world. If the test results are positive, the programme will be extended to include other biochemical reactions. In the long term, the intention is that lessons learned during the project shall provide the basis for a commercially available product including apps for smartphones and tablets.

The Animated Teaching Programme for biochemistry was created in cooperation between the one man company BioChemAnimation and the animation company Mark Film Aps. The cooperation was set up and supported by the Animation Hub.

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